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Triplex Glass Date Codes prior to Jan Note that it dates the GLASS, so is only an indication of the cars age, assuming the glass is original. Year code. One dot below a letter gives the year of the decade:. Quarter code. British Indestructo Glass Ltd to be investigated. Pilkington now owned by Nippon Sheet Glass Co. In Pilkington and Triplex formed a joint company to build a works at Eccleston, St. Pilkington gradually increased its shareholding in Triplex until by it became the majority shareholder.


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Triplex Safety Glass is a British brand of toughened glass and laminated glass. The marque is often seen on vehicle and aircraft windscreens.

Naturally occurring glass, such as volcanic glass obsidian, has been used by stone-age man for the production of weapons, ornaments and money. The place and date of origin of manufactured glass is not completely known. According to Pliny the Elder, ancient Roman historian, Phoenician merchants deserve the credit for the discovery of glass in the region of Syria. The tradition is that a merchant ship laden with nitrum being moored at this place, the merchants were preparing their meal on the beach, and not having stones to prop up their pots, they used lumps of nitrum from the ship, which fused and mixed with the sands of the shore, and there flowed sreams of a new translucent liquid, and thus was the origin of glass This story may not be true but Syria was one of the original centers of glassmaking and ancient Phoenician traders sold glass wear all through the Mediterranean countries.

Egypt was another country in which glassmaking was known at an early time.

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Tempered Safety Glass. I am confused about what type of glass to use to replace the broken glass in the window in my front door. I have been told that it needs to be safety glass and that there are two basic kinds. Can you tell me the difference between laminated glass and tempered glass? Are both of them safe to use? When selecting safety glass for an application, whether decorative or functional, two choices often arise: tempered or laminated glass.

Shock-resistant triplex glass used in the automotive industry as a front glazing and other additional information, well, be sure to indicate the date of manufacture​. Expanded glass type: I – toughened windshield, II – conventional windscreen.

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10.76mm Ocean Blue Laminated Glass/Triplex Glass/Safety Glass

The received wisdom is that the dots over the word Triplex indicate the month or quarter of manufacture. A single dot over the T indicates January or 1st quarter. Mine has a dot over the X which I take to be July which ties in with the build date of my car. What I would like to know is what the other marks mean. I have AS1 at the top which I know is a clarity index meaning the that glass is suitable for forward facing ie windscreens.

Side window glass has AS2 or AS3 on it because it has a lower clarity index.

dated by the ‘TRIPLEX CODE’ etched into the toughened glass. My 75 GT has Sicursive side glass but a Triplex heated back-light with a code that fits the date.

Post by ian. MMOC Board index Concours Concours Forum Glass dating To share thoughts, ideas and inspirations on the subject of councours, judging and how to restore your Minor to showroom condition. My question is, how do I tell the decade of the glass? I can’t find any reference to it on the internet so I just wondered if anyone knew?

Both rear side windows 2-door have the same markings, as does the driver’s and passenger’s door glass. Which would suggest that perhaps it’s the original glass? It confused me as BOTH quaterlight glasses have the same markings, which would suggest they had been replaced at the same time. If they were different then you could assume that they had been smashed in an attempted break in or something Any ideas? And Cam.

Onne van der S. It’s a possibility though isn’t it?

Triplex Glass Manufacturing Date Codes

Kind code of ref document : A1. Ref country code : DE. Ref legal event code : Ref country code : CA. CNA ja. WOA1 ja.

Grandad kindly enlightened us on how a vehicle could be date by the marks on it’s windscreen and other glass. TRIPLEX: If you know the decade the car was produced you can find the last digit of the year; To find the year look at the nine letters in the word TOUGHENED, or LAMINATED One dot below a.

AS2 – can be everywhere except the windshield. It is usually installed on diesel versions. It has a characteristic purple ebb. This glass is installed on top-end configurations of German cars and many French ones. Athermal glass with a reflective coating. Glass absorbs heat better than plain tinted glass, or reflects sunlight.

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Newell, Kenilworth, and Raymond. Disclosure This invention relates to methods of and apparatus for toughening sheets of glass, such as are used, for example as automobile windscreens and backlights. Glass is toughened by subjecting the glass when at a temperature near the softening point of the glass to a rapid chilling effected by directing jets termed quenching jets usually of air, on to the glass, The degree of toughening achieved varies with the rate of chilling.

If it’s the original Triplex glass, you can work out the year (and month/quarter) it was made. It should say TOUGHENED or LAMINATED.

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